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Ex-CEO of Amazon earns more money than 44 Mexicans



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Jeff Bezos, former CEO of amazon, is one of the richest people in the world. Currently, her fortune is valued at 180 billion dollars. Of this ridiculous amount, $70 billion was generated in 2023 alone, and this thanks to her position within Amazon. To put this figure in context, A Mexican would have to live 44 lives to be able to equal just that share of wealth.

In 2023, Bezos generated $191 million dollars per day, or $7.9 million dollars every hour, or $136 million pesos in 60 minutes, an amount of money that very few people manage to see in their lifetime. In 13 minutes, This tycoon makes more money than the average person in the United States in a lifetime. This perspective becomes even more depressing when we take into account that an average Mexican will never have this money in his lifetime.

According to information from the Ministry of Economy, the average salary in Mexico is $5,600 pesos. In 47 years of working life, from age 18 to 65, a Mexican could earn $3.1 million pesos. This means that It takes 44 lives to achieve what the founder of Amazon achieves in one hourand that without considering the expenses one requires to live.

It is important to mention that Bezos's wealth does not come from hard work, but from actions. Over the last few years, Amazon's stock market value has increased considerably and, as a result, the former CEO and the rest of the company's directors have managed to earn a huge amount of money, even if their salaries have not increased. On related topics, the commercials come to Amazon Prime Video. Similarly, Amazon is sued for The Lord of the Rings.

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Editor's Note:

This is very depressing. While it's true that creating and maintaining something like Amazon isn't easy, the amount of money a single person makes is ridiculous. As they say, you have to eat the rich.

Via: Yahoo Finance

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