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Faced with new evidence, he caves



In Helldivers 2 there have been hints of new content that has come into the game unannounced for some time: flying beetles and blue laser beams that are said to come from the new faction, Illuminati. The studio's CEO long dismissed this as “propaganda,” but now the evidence is too much for even him.

Here's how the CEO denied the evidence:

  • We published an article on MeinMMO on March 13th in which players showed the first videos of new enemies, flying beetles, in Helldivers 2. But Arrowhead's CEO dismissed this as propaganda: “Everyone knows that beetles can't fly.” The Ministry of Truth agrees with him here that the alleged evidence is “propaganda from beetle sympathizers”.
  • On March 17th we published an article with clear references to blue laser beams being shot out of the sky: But the CEO denied that too: “Blue laser beams are not real, they cannot hurt you.”
  • But this story is now taking a new turn.

Helldivers 2 Report for Duty Trailer Shows New Mechs in the Game

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Soldier risks his life to provide proof

This is the new development: Today, in the early hours of March 20th, a photo was shown on reddit that showed flying beetles together with a blue laser beam.

The soldier who took the recording said he almost lost his life trying to provide the soldiers with this evidence.

This is how the CEO reacted: When the photographic evidence finally found its way onto Twitter, CEO Johann Pilestedt could only utter a helpless “Noooo…”. The truth has prevailed here.

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What do the clues mean?? The blue laser beams are a clear indication that the Illuminati, an enemy faction from Helldivers 1, is now also involved in Helldivers 2. In part 1 they had the ability to teleport.

The only question now is when Joel will unleash them on the defenders of Over-Earth.

In Helldivers 2 the players are so good that gamemaster Joel now presents them with an almost impossible task

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