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Fans are upset because Marvel vs Capcom is not coming out on Xbox




Yesterday was a surprising presentation of the NintendoDirectbecause they announced games that people did not see coming, within the event Capcom dropped a bomb in the shape of Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics, which compiles the best fighting games in this series. And everything was joy and happiness on the part of the world’s players, until the platforms were presented on the official channel, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PCclearly leaving Xbox excluded.

Through social media, people have expressed their discontent with Capcomsince many games from this franchise came to light since the time of the first console. Microsoft, causing surprise that for this great celebration they decided not to launch a port on current devices. They even mention that it seems very strange to them that the Ace Attorney titles are undergoing this treatment, even reaching Game Pass, but the fighting saga was left out.

Here are some reactions:

Remember that Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics will come to PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC at some point in the year, there is no confirmed day and month.

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Author’s note: It’s a little strange that it hasn’t been considered for addition to these consoles. After all, the series has always been in Microsoft, but it seems that it is more for development issues than anything else.

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