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“Fans” caught falsely cheering for Phil Spencer |




A couple of days ago, another edition of the Xbox Games Showcase was held, which encouraged many players from around the world, since games were constantly shown, with the crown jewel being Gears of Way E-Day which appropriately closed the presentation. After this an interesting interview was given to Phil Spencer by the medium IGNin their personal forum, and in a video they have captured that the reactions of the invited public were not entirely real.

As mentioned and distributed in the material, this site was giving incentives to people to liven up the room with screams and other expressions, this so that an atmosphere of emotion could be felt after what happened in the broadcast of just over an hour. . In fact, those who cheered the most could win some prizes such as game codes and even statuettes that one of the users who shared their video on the networks talked about, so in the end many shouts are false.


Here you can see it:

They mention that when it felt most forced, it was the moment when they asked Phil Spencer about the situation that occurred at the beginning of the year with the almost 2,000 layoffs from the company, having a lot of noise involved before he carried out his response. Added to this is that the vaguest response possible was given, ensuring that it has hurt to take that step forward, but that in the end it is a business that must be sustained, and along the way the decisions to be made must be complicated.

People’s criticism has not been long in coming, accusing IGN of bribing people to show false emotions, it is not even known if the Spencer I knew about it. The medium has not had a very good reputation in the United States in recent years, and it seems that this will make people even more disappointed.


Via: Siliconera

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Author’s note: The whole thing felt a bit forced, and the interviewer doesn’t feel so much in his safe zone either. Not to mention, it is sad that these types of situations happen in the industry, even Spencer himself is not to blame that others were “rewarded” for doing that.


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