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Fans start campaign against Warner Bros.



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Although Hogwarts Legacy It was the best-selling game of 2023, we do not know what will happen to this property in the future. Although it is very likely that a sequel is on the way, there is a possibility that this title will no longer be a single player, but a game as a service. Thus, fans have started a campaign to prevent this from being the future of the franchise.

After the failure of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Warner Bros. revealed that they intend to continue with a game-as-a-service format for their future projects. At the same time, Avalanche Software, the developers of Hogwarts Legacy, They pointed out that the sequel to this title would be very different. Although they did not mention whether this installment will continue with the format established by the property owners, fans are concerned.

In this way, it was recently revealed that Harry Potter fans started a campaign on to prevent the sequel Hogwarts Legacy be a game as a service. This is what is mentioned about it:

“Services as a service are a blight on the industry that is hated by many gamers and developers who don't want their games to be ruined by greedy executives who want to extract as much money as possible, and want to create a game they are passionate about. That's what we also want to see from developers and that's why we buy a game like Hogwarts Legacy in the first place.

“We don't want a Harry Potter game with forced multiplayer elements, as that's not what it's for, we want to meet the great citizens of Hogwarts and take part in fun quests.”

At the moment, The fans' petition has more than four thousand signatures and counting.. As always, these types of proposals do not mean that companies choose a certain path. Likewise, we still don't know exactly what it will be. Hogwarts Legacy, so this may be simple exaggeration on the part of the community. In related topics, you can more about Hogwarts Legacy 2 here. Likewise, new information emerges about the game's big update.

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Editor's Note:

It's good to see that the public reacts appropriately. Although the campaign will not have any impact on the development of Hogwarts Legacy 2, if these same people, and more, manage to vote with their wallets, Warner Bros. will eventually realize that games as a service is not the way.


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