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FC 24: Wirtz and Musiala or Williams and Yamal



Two player duos are in focus for the German and Spanish national teams. We have taken a look at the four youngsters in FC 24 and will tell you which duo has the edge, at least in the game.

What kind of duos are these? The two duos are two young Germans and two Spaniards respectively, who, despite their age, have what it takes to become the stars of EURO 2024:

  • the German duo consists of Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala
  • the Spanish duo consists of Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal

All of the players are used in the offensive, so they can be easily compared with each other.

How does the comparison work? Since the players are used on the left and right wing in their national teams, they can be compared very well. We primarily compare the 6 main stats (pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense and physique), but also look at their playstyles.

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Germany or Spain: Who has the better European Championship duo in FC 24?

For the comparison, we looked at the new UEFA EURO mode in FC 24. Lamine Yamal can only be played in this mode. This is because the youngster will only turn 17 during the European Championship. As a minor, EA did not give him a card in Ultimate Team.

Germany plays in EURO mode in the real 4-2-3-1 formation. Wirtz plays as a left attacking midfielder (ZOM), Musiala as a right ZOM.

Spain will play in a 4-3-3 formation, just like in the real European Championship. However, as things stand (June 21), you will have to put Williams and Yamal in the starting lineup yourself. Williams plays as a left winger (LF) for Spain, and Yamal as a right winger (RF).

Since the European Championship mode is based on the stars’ current performances, we have also taken into account the so-called live form, which is automatically activated. This gives the players’ values ​​some significant upgrades, which we have shown in brackets behind the original rating.

Wirtz vs Williams: Who has the better stats in FC 24?

Value to be compared Florian Wirtz Nico Williams Point for
tempo 80(+8)= 88 93(+6)= 99 Williams
Shoot 76(+1)= 77 74(+7)= 81 Williams
Fit 86(+6)= 92 75 Wirtz
dribbling 88(+6)= 94 86(+7)=93 Wirtz
defensive 50 36 Wirtz
Physique 63(+2)= 65 65(+2)= 67 Williams
Sum of all values 466 451 Wirtz

Who wins the stat comparison? Wirtz and Williams can each win 3 categories. In the sum of all stats, the German Wirtz has the edge.

Playstyles in comparison:

FC 24 Playstyle Comparison Wirtz vs Williams
Wirtz and Williams: The playstyles in comparison

Both players have the Trivela playstyle for better outside-of-the-foot shots and the Flair playstyle for special passes and shots

With the technical playstyle and first-touch playstyle, Wirtz is able to dribble with a tight ball control. With the decisive pass playstyle, Wirtz can make pinpoint passes.

Williams’ playstyles are geared more towards speed, and with Fury and Quick Step he has a playstyle combination that makes him feel even faster when sprinting.

Everyone has the right playstyle for their position. So it’s a tie here.

Musiala vs Yamal: Who has the better stats in FC 24?

Value to be compared Musiala Yamal Point for
tempo 85(+8)= 93 92(+8)= 90 Musiala
Shoot 75(+1)= 77 72(+7)= 79 Yamal
Fit 76(+6)= 82 68 Musiala
dribbling 91(+5)= 96 81(+7)=88 Musiala
defensive 63 23 Musiala
Physique 61(+2)= 63 48(+2)= 50 Musiala
Sum of all values 474 398 Musiala

Who wins the stat comparison? Musiala can clearly win this duel. Yamal only has a slight advantage in the shooting.

Playstyles in comparison:

FC 24 Playstyle Comparison Musiala vs Yamal
Musiala and Yamal: The playstyles in comparison

Like Wirtz and Williams, both players have the flair playstyle for special passes and shots.

Musiala is the only one of the four players to have a Playstyle+. Technique+ paired with the already strong dribbling stats and First Touch as a playstyle enables extremely smooth dribbling. With the Tricks playstyle, the German can also perform special flick movements with the right analog stick.

Yamal “only” has the normal technical playstyle to support his dribbling. In addition, he has the quick-step playstyle, which gives him a speed boost in the first few meters.

Technique+ alone ensures a clear victory for Musiala in the playstyle comparison, as he makes the R1 OP dribbling even better.

2-0 for the DFB-Elf: Germany has the better European Championship duo in FC 24

The German stars can prevail against their Spanish opponents in a direct duel in FC 24. While it is a close match between Williams and Wirtz, Musiala beats his Spanish opponent Yamal in almost every respect.

It would be exciting to follow the direct duel on the pitch during the European Championship to see if the outcome would be different on the real pitch. But it is not only these 4 stars who want to put their stamp on EURO 2024: Make Your Mark Tracker in FC 24: All players and upgrades at a glance

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