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Final Fantasy XIV gets long overdue feature that makes dungeons better



Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market. With the new expansion Dawntrail, the game will also receive a new feature that will make the dungeons even better.

What about the dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV? The MMORPG is extremely popular with fans. The game’s sheer volume of content can sometimes overwhelm newcomers. When it comes to dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV, there are over 90 if you count the different difficulty levels individually.

The dungeons are a main part of the game and are getting an improvement with the new expansion that makes them more enjoyable.

Here you can see the two new jobs from Dawntrail in the video:

Final Fantasy XIV: These are the 2 new jobs in Dawntrail – Pictomancer and Viper in under 2 minutes

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Express button to dungeon boss

Which function should be improved? After failing a boss fight, you could previously teleport back to the boss’s vicinity. Depending on the dungeon, however, this wasn’t always very close, so you had to do a little “walk of shame” to get to the boss.

With the new expansion of the MMORPG, the telerotation mechanism changes. Anyone who wants to get back to the boss after a failed boss fight can now do so without any detours.

In a video, X-user @FrostyTVstream shows how to do it. Warning, small spoiler for the first Dawntrail dungeon ahead:

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As you can see in the video, the entire group can teleport directly to the boss fight arena without any detours and start the next attempt almost immediately.

Is this intended to help newcomers progress faster? In March, Naoki Yoshida announced that he would not be introducing a skip system for newcomers with Dawntrail. MeinMMO editor Karsten Scholz said at the time that this could be the biggest mistake of Yoshida’s career.

The new system is aimed at everyone and is not intended to speed up the leveling phase significantly, so you still have to fight your way to the final boss and cannot simply skip from boss to boss.

When the new expansion launches on July 2nd or June 28th with early access, masses of players are expected on the Final Fantasy XIV servers. After all, many want to play the new expansion or one of the two new classes. Square Enix knows this too: Square is taking drastic measures to ensure that the servers are ready for the launch of FFXIV Dawntrail.

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