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First details about the new FIFA game



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The future of FIFA in the video game industry is something uncertain at the moment. Although the football organization has indicated that it intends to continue offering interactive experiences, after its break with EA, many have questioned its future. Fortunately for all fans, A new rumor has indicated that we are just a few hours away from the official reveal of the next FIFA gamewhich would be in charge of 2K.

According to Kurakasis, a famous insider who in the past shared accurate information about Judashas pointed out that Tomorrow, April 2, 2024, the official reveal of the next FIFA title would take place. This title would be made by 2K, the makers of multiple sports games, and would be named after FIFA 2KFCthus following the nomenclature to which we are already accustomed.

“Yes, it will arrive this year. 2K will announce it on Tuesday.

The official title will be 'FIFA2KFC'.”

Although at the moment there is no official information from FIFA or 2K, this has been one of the strongest rumors in recent months. Let us remember that after years of a fruitful relationship, FIFA and EA ended their contract. While the owners of Battlefield continued to develop soccer games, now under the name EA Sports FC, The sports organization has remained on the sidelines.

However, The collaboration with 2K would give FIFA the opportunity to re-enter this market in the most effective way possible. We must not forget that 2K is not in charge of developing the sports games for which they are famous, but rather they only publish them. Its most famous sports series are NBA 2K and WWE 2K, both developed by Visual Concepts, a studio that could well take the reins of FIFA in the future.

We can only wait for official information to be available, something that, according to rumors, it could happen tomorrow. On related topics, you can learn more about the next FIFA here. Likewise, PlayStation has been able to have FIFA exclusivity for years.

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Editor's Note:

This rumor sounds very possible. There is no other studio that is famous for its sports games. While it is true that 2K does not develop these types of experiences, it is responsible for bringing these properties to studios with enough talent to give fans what they want so much.

Via: Kurakasis

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