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First look at Limited Run Games’ Gex Trilogy




During the 90s, multiple companies tried to compete against Nintendo and SEGA by creating different mascots. Most have been forgotten, but there is one in particular that remains in the collective consciousness, and it is Gex. While we won’t have a new game in the series, A collection made up of its three classic titles is on the way, and we recently got a new look at this package.

In July of last year, Limited Run Games announced Gex Trilogyand during the company’s presentation yesterday, we had a new look at this package, which will give us the opportunity to enjoy Gex from 1995, Gex: Enter the Gecko of 1998, and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko from 1999.


Unfortunately, there is currently no release date for this collection. Limited Run Games has mentioned that pre-sales for the physical edition of Gex Trilogy, but we do not know when the public will have the opportunity to purchase this collection digitally.


Likewise, it has been confirmed that Gex Trilogy runs on the Limited Run Carbon Engine, which is described as a development tool that allows classic content to be brought to modern platforms. Let us remember that Gex was created by Crystal Dynamics, who are involved in this new project. On related topics, you can learn more about Limited Run Games projects here.

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Author’s Note:


I’ve never played Gex, and I know the perception of the series currently isn’t the best, but I can’t deny that I’m excited to have this collection. Gex represents an era of the industry that we will never see again, and even if the series is as bad as they say, I’m probably going to have fun.

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