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First look at the remake of Resident Evil 1 emerges




Since Capcom began releasing a wave of remakes of resident Evil Starting with the second title and going all the way to the fourth, fans are sure that the first title that takes place in the gloomy Spencer mansion deserves to have the same treatment despite having already had its portrayal for Game Cube. And with that in mind, it seems that the Japanese company is heeding the requests, given that they have just shown a leaked image that does nothing but raise suspicions.

As shown by an account dedicated to spreading news about this franchise, they have finally decided to launch a remake of this classic that began in the era of PlayStationthen he reached the cubic console of Nintendo and finally this product is available in PS4 and Xbox One via remaster. However, as Capcom He wants to unify a new timeline for the new versions, he doesn't want people to be left without the first part, and the result will be what is seen on the screen.

BREAKING: An actual leaked banner for RE1 Remake was snagged before it was removed from cloud drive. It looks like they will release this project before RE9.

In the user's description it is mentioned that it will be a project before finally launching the next canonical game of the franchise, it would even already be counting on the planned release date for the January 17, 2025so we will stay this 2024 without anything from the saga. For its part, it is observed that the platforms of past generations have been left behind, and will only arrive for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Something that must be taken into consideration is that this “filtration” is being done during the April 1st, April's Fools, and that means that we cannot trust it, because in just a couple of hours we have already seen the return of Virtual Boy, the purchase of Rockstar Games by x and even the false announcement of Miyamoto visiting Mexico. So possibly this relaunch of resident Evil not be real.

Remember that you can play Resident Evil 4 in PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Editor's note: Without a doubt, a remake of this classic would be great, to have some consistency with the other versions, and new fans surely wondered what the first part would be at the time. I hope we return at some point to that mansion with dozens of traps.

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