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First look at the Tron: Ares movie!



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Although the series of tron It does not seem to have the impact that many claim, this is still one of the most recognized sci-fi series worldwide. In this way, it is not a surprise to hear that Disney is working on a new installment. Now, after years of waiting, Today the first look at this project, known as Tron: Ares.

Through its official Twitter account, Deadline shared the first official image of Tron: Ares, where we can see who appears to be Jared Letowho on this occasion takes the lead role, in one of the now classic suits of this cybernetic world.

Along with Jared Leto, Tron: Ares will feature the participation of Greta Lee, Evan Peters, Hasan Minhaj, Jodie Turner-Smith, Arturo Castro, Cameron Monaghan, and Gillian Anderson in roles that are currently unknown. However, it is very likely that Jeff Bridges, who played Kevin Flynn in the previous two films, will not reprise his rolesince this film will be a reboot.

That's right, instead of a sequel to Tron:Legacy, Ares will be a complete reboot of the series, something that at the moment is unknown how it will be handled. Let us remember that the original Tron film introduced us to Flynn, who is absorbed into a video game, where he has to compete to preserve his life. This is something that many saw for the first time in Kingdom Hearts 2which has a level focused on this franchise.

Although at the moment there is no specific release date, It is expected that Tron: Ares will be released sometime in 2025. On related topics, you can learn more about this film here.

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Editor's Note:

I've never been a big fan of Tron, and I highly doubt that the new film will convert me into a fan. However, it is interesting that Disney continues to bet on this property, even if this time we will not have a soundtrack by Daft Punk.

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