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First reaction to the new The Crow movie




After years of absence, a new film by The Crow is on its way to movie theaters. Considering that the original film is fondly remembered, many had high expectations for this reboot. However, First impressions paint a very negative picture.

Although the film has not yet been released to the general public, Cliff Dorfman, Hollywood writer, has already had the opportunity to see the new The Crow film, which has been classified as one of the worst feature films of the year, and something that is simply impossible to enjoy. This is what he said about it:

“If hypothetically, one saw a screening of @TheCrow_Movie #thecrow that @Lionsgate will release in August, one could say, it’s horrible, it’s unwatchable, don’t waste your money, or I can’t believe it’s much worse than the original. It is. Don’t do it.”

It’s worth noting that Dorfman was previously involved in an adaptation of The Crow that was not done. His statements confirm the fear of many fans, who began to have a bad feeling when the first trailer for this film was released. We remind you that the new movie The Crow will hit movie theaters on August 24, 2024. On related topics, here you can see the new Paddington in Peru. Likewise, Adventure Time will have a movie.

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Author’s Note:

It’s a shame that such a long-awaited movie isn’t as good. However, it should also be noted that Dorfman could be speaking with resentment about his canceled project, and even this new film could use some of his ideas, something that he did not like.

Via: Screen Geek

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