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First reports on Monster Hunter Wilds sound enthusiastic



New information about Monster Hunter Wilds was released at the Summer Game Fest. According to some reports, the game looks fantastic so far. It might even be better than Monster Hunter World.

What is Monster Hunter Wilds? Monster Hunter Wilds is the latest installment in Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter game series. Following the highly popular Monster Hunter World and its sequel Monster Hunter Rise, it continues and develops the game franchise.


For the Summer Game Fest 2024, there was a completely new trailer featuring new monsters. You can watch it here:


New trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds shows gripping battles

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An NPC in the previous trailer even impressed players so much that the game received two completely inappropriate tags on Steam.


These features make Monster Hunter Wilds better than World

What’s new in the game? Our colleagues at Dualshockers were able to watch a presentation about the game from Capcom at the Summer Game Fest. They worked on this in a preview, writing mainly about the open world and the weather system.

It was already suspected that Monster Hunter Wilds would have an open world. But now we have confirmation and more information about what exactly it will look like:


In the previous game, World, you were constantly dealing with loading screens and long walks through the camp. That’s no longer the case. In Wilds, you start in an open world and can set up your own base camp anywhere you want, which becomes a fast travel point on the map.

You will also no longer be automatically teleported back to camp after completing the hunt. This means you can happily loot and just keep walking. Overall, the game no longer feels as fragmented, even though it still definitely looks like Monster Hunter.


The new, dynamic weather also surprised our colleagues: Although this feature has been around in other games for a long time, according to Dualshockers it is not as intense as Monster Hunter Wilds. The weather would affect the open world in such a way that entire regions and their fauna would change.

The presentation apparently showed a sandstorm that caused new monsters to appear and others to disappear. There would also be sudden fires and the monsters would generally be more aggressive. In addition, the storm would only have Apex Monster appeared in the area. The Apex Monster would even have had a spectacular fight with another one.


The change in the weather would have turned a familiar region into a completely different one.

What else do we know about it? Initial information and rumors have been around for a long time. We reported on it in March, among other places. The open world, for example, has been predicted for a long time. Here is more information:

  • The entire game will take place in the open world
  • The game has been in development since 2019
  • The boss of Monster Hunter World, Yuya Tokuda, is leading the development – ​​this has now been confirmed (via

Our colleagues from IGN also had the opportunity to talk to the developers about the game at the Summer Game Fest. The main topic of discussion was the co-op mode: In Monster Hunter World, this was very cumbersome, which is something that players are also afraid of in Wilds.

However, the developers reassure us: They want to make co-op easier and more seamless.

So far, the news about Monster Hunter Wilds sounds positive. We won’t know whether and how it will actually turn out until the release. There is currently no exact information about it, but it probably won’t go online before 2025. Until then, you can keep yourself busy with other games, for example the MMORPG Tarisland is launching soon: The biggest MMORPG for the PC since Lost Ark is coming out on Friday, so you should take a look


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