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First reviews of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire



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After a couple of years of waiting, a new film from the Ghostbusters is just a few days away from hitting theaters around the world. Thus, the first reviews of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire they are already hereand they don't paint a very positive picture.

With 66 reviews currently available, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire It has a 47% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In general, it is mentioned that the film has many characters and stories that are not completed in a satisfactory way. Along with this, the film abuses nostalgia, something that was not as effective on this occasion. This is what Roger Ebert commented on the matter:

“Like Slimer shoving snacks into his hungry maw, 'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire' tries to cram too many characters, stories and iconic images into its two-hour running time.”

For its part, The Wrap added:

“What it lacks in intelligence it makes up for in good feeling and a great cast.”

Likewise, IGN Movies added:

“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is running on thin ice overloaded with different and uninspired ideas, and no one behind or in front of the camera knows what to do once the film trembles in the water.”

Variety joins the conversation with:

“Frozen Empire has enough to connect with, but now that Jason Reitman and company have brought this series back to life, it's time to once again infuse it with the spirit that Kumail Nanjiani brings.”

Finally, Deadline notes:

“Sometimes it's confusing and not everything works, but Frozen Empire does a very good job of keeping the flame alive, 40 years after the fact.”

As you can see, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire It is a film with a series of problems, which cannot be forgotten, but they are not so heavy thanks to a great cast of actors and first-rate charisma. We remind you that The film will hit theaters on March 28. On related topics, these are the Netflix secret codes. Likewise, here you can see the first trailer for The Acolyte.

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Editor's Note:

As a Ghostbusters fan, I plan to go to the theater and see this movie, but I'm a little disappointed that the only good entry in the entire series is the first one. None have tried to give us something completely new and worthwhile, but at least Bill Murray is back.

Via: Rotten Tomatoes

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