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First trailer and release date for Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP




Since last year it was announced that one of the franchises created by Grasshopper Manufacture I would return, we talked about Lollipop Chainsaw, which at the time was a lot of fun for fans to play, and that was because no one imagined a cheerleader with a chainsaw killing zombies. And from that moment there was no new type of launch, but now Dragami Games It brings good news to all of us.

Through a trailer on its official channel it has been revealed Lollipop Chainsaw RePOPwhich is presumed to be a remake of the game released in the year 2012, improving the graphics part, with the arrival of new resolutions and possibly 60 frames per second performance. Added to that is that the original development staff presumably returned to improve it, without changes to the story and with additional game modes that did not reach the version from more than 10 years ago.


Here is the trailer:


To finish with a flourish in the video, we are confirmed with the release date of the game, which will be next September 26, at least in the digital format, the physical one is not mentioned yet. The platforms chosen for its output are PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and surprisingly, Nintendo Switch.

More details will be released as launch day approaches.


Via: Youtube

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Author’s note: At the time I really liked the original version, so having a new version is something I shouldn’t pass up. Only now I will have the internal debate whether to play it on PS5 in all its splendor or go for Switch for the portable version.


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