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First trailer for the new Woody Woodpecker movie |




We are in a time where great animation classics are becoming fashionable once again, and we have seen that with The Crazy Adams and his animated films, the next return of Garfield where we are going to witness its beginnings, and let us not forget that The Crazy Bird will try again to be successful in the live action world. Speaking precisely of the latter, the first advance with the technology that allows us to see a little of what we will be seeing on the small screen has finally been released.

The film named Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp It lets us see that a teenage camp comes to the vicinity where the main character lives, with a team war in which he will be involved along with his rival of many years. The important thing here is that we will not only see Loquillo return, but also other iconic beings like himself. Pablo Morsawhich will make this a shot at nostalgia, whether for those who saw the classic or the 1999 reboot.

Here's the trailer:

Here is the synopsis:

Woody Woodpecker must find a new home after being chased out of the woods. At Camp Woo Hoo, he thinks he's found a forever home, but there's an inspector on the loose who wants to shut down the camp.

This is a description of the franchise:

Woodpecker is a cartoon character created by Walter Lantz in 1940. He is an anthropomorphic woodpecker known for his distinctive laugh and mischievous, eccentric personality. The character is famous for his comedic adventures and antics, which often involve enemies such as cats, dogs, and other characters from the series.

Woody Woodpecker has become an icon of American animation and has appeared in numerous animated shorts, television shows, and movies over the decades. His style of slapstick comedy and his flamboyant personality have made him popular among people of all ages.

Remember that the film reaches Netflix the next April 12.

Via: Netflix

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Editor's note: It is one of the series that I liked most from my childhood, especially the reboot that addressed topics more in line with my time. And if it's on Netflix, it won't hurt to take a look and see if the brand can still be adapted to this era of technology.

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