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Foamstars is now available




For those who do not have it so much on the radar, some time ago it was announced that square enix was preparing a shooter-style game called Foamstars, in which eight players were divided into two teams to fight the most intense battles with foam in the middle. And now, after a long time since the announcement and also the trailers, it has finally been released so that those interested can give it a try, and the best thing is that it will be free for a limited time.

To be able to add it to the catalog, either PS4 or PS5, You just have to have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus, which in theory players who are actively playing online on these platforms should have, something that should not be a problem. For its part, it will not always be available for download and then go on sale, so users have from this moment until the March 4 to make the exchange and have the title kept in the user's library forever.

The game season 1 called Starry PopIncludes the following:

– “Ranked Party”: Raise your rank in FOAMSTARS by competing in two limited-time seasonal events, which are divided into a solo game mode with “Ranked Party Lonestar” and a team game “Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe”.

– “Extreme Party”: Challenge all players in two special themed modes: the “All Mel T Party” – where players will fight as Mel T, and the “Invisible Party” – where everyone will be invisible.

– “Happy FriYAY Party”: An event that will only be held for one weekend, with no winners or losers, just the opportunity to try out the next season's character, Coiff Guy.

It is worth mentioning that this is only the beginning of something much bigger, since as the months go by the game will receive many updates and also seasons, with new weapons, characters, and even game modes for the delight of the users. As we already mentioned, users have time to purchase the game in PS Plus, before it is priced $29.99 USDso it is even profitable to pay one month of membership to get this game and two more.

Remember that Foamstars Is available in PS4 and PS5.

Via: Square Enix

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Editor's note: It seems that PlayStation and Square Enix are betting a lot on this video game, but I don't know if a multiplayer that is strangely similar to Splatoon will be successful. At least it comes free with PS Plus, so it's sure that many people will give it a first try.

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