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Former boss of the new LoL MMORPG explains why he left Riot Games



Greg Street was actually supposed to develop the new MMORPG in the world of League of Legends. But in March 2023 he left Riot Games. The LoL MMORPG has now restarted. Greg Street wishes the team good luck and explains why he is no longer with us.

This is the situation:

  • In December 2020, Riot Games announced that they were developing a new MMORPG in the world of Runeterra. The mastermind behind the game would be Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, who was at the helm for Blizzard during the golden age of World of Warcraft.
  • But Ghostcrawler left Riot Games in March 2023 to found his own studio and develop his own MMORPG.
  • Riot Games boss Marc Merrill announced on March 20th that they would be rebooting the LoL MMORPG and going “dark” for a few years, meaning they would no longer talk about the MMORPG while it was being developed. Greg Street now comments on this.

Greg Street presented his own MMO Ghost before:

Ghostcrawler introduces its new development studio in the video

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This is what the former boss says: On March 20, Greg Street spoke out Twitter. He wished the Riot MMO all the best and said: They have a great world and a really first-class game. He'll definitely play it a lot.

“Two of the reasons I started my own studio: 1) I didn't want to spend 10 years making a game. 2) I wanted to develop a game openly and take players along on the journey.”

LoL MMORPG works dark – Ghostcrawler remains bright

What does he want to do differently? Ghostcrawler indicates how important it is to him that his new MMORPG “Ghost” doesn't go dark, but stays in the light and develops together with the players.

This also has disadvantages, because games often don't look good in the early stages of development, as he noted before. But open development is more in line with his studio's strengths. No strategy is wrong or right here.

He also knows that too much information during development can tire players. Some just wanted to hear when the game was finished and not hear about every obstacle in development.

What does he say about the length of the project? Street doesn't seem to be a fan of long production periods. He says there is also a big risk. You don't want to develop a game for the PS4 when the PS6 is just coming out when you finally publish it yourself.

Modern engines would greatly accelerate development. But if you then expect high-resolution content, things could slow down again.

His new MMORPG should appear faster than others

How long does he want to take to create his own MMO? He doesn't give an exact time frame, but he says, “We'll get it out quicker than most big developers.”

He doesn't understand why a game has to take 7 years or more to develop unless there are technical problems or bad management. And in his opinion, management is often the problem.

This is what lies behind it: It wasn't really known why Ghostcrawler left Riot Games. Now this is clearer:

  • He does not want to in the dark develop without involving the fans
  • He probably wants a faster schedule than Riot Games would like
  • Apparently a third reason was that he wanted to return home because he had lost family members during the Covid pandemic – a generous one Home officeHowever, the regulation was probably a problem for Riot

Ghostcrawler had already said that on March 16th – on March 17th, his former boss announced the postponement of the LoL MMORPG.

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