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Former LoL professional now wants to learn Dota 2, doesn't take aim, gets yelled at straight away



Next to League of Legends, Dota 2 on Steam is the biggest MOBA on the market. Despite the similarities between the two games, there are differences in gameplay. This was also noticed by a LoL professional who acted quite stupidly and was shouted at by his colleague.

Nemesis is a former LoL pro who is now a streamer for Team Gen.G. His biggest success was 1st place at the LEC 2019 Regional Finals with Team Fanatic. He played together with Rekkles, who now plays in the second division in Korea.

In a recent stream, Nemesis wasn't playing LoL, but Dota 2. Steam's MOBA is the biggest representative of the genre after LoL. But the former LoL professional acted pretty stupid, which infuriated his colleague.

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In a Twitch stream from March 20, 2024, Nemesis played Dota 2 at some point. There was a colleague who coached him a little through the game. This made for a heated moment when Nemesis is unable to follow a seemingly simple command.

His colleague is actually relatively calm throughout the game, but from around 06:03:18 the situation gets a little worse. In Dota 2 you can move items to the stash. To do this you simply have to click on the item on the right in the inventory so that the item is moved. But Nemesis doesn't understand what exactly he has to click on.

Nemesis asks how he gets the items from the inventory. The colleague then replies that Nemesis should simply click on the backpack. After a quiet back and forth in which Nemesis doesn't manage to click properly, his colleague explodes, getting louder and louder with: Slot 1 on your backpack.

Nemesis still can't do it and his colleague then shouts at him. After that, Nemesis at least made it. You can watch the funny moment here:

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Despite the obvious similarities, there are many subtle differences between LoL and Dota 2. Have you played both? And what do you find more difficult? Feel free to write it to us in the comments. MOBAs have a big problem with beginner-friendliness, but LoL has been wanting to take action against it for a long time: LoL: Riot announces radical improvement for the cuddliest mode – players should be able to get good without stress

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