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Game disguises itself as Helldivers II to deceive



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Helldivers II has achieved a level of success that not many saw coming. While the server-related issues are behind us, it appears that Arrowhead Game Studio has another problem on its hands, as multiple titles have been discovered to have used official art from this game. to trick unsuspecting buyers into purchasing games that are clearly not Helldivers II.

During the night of yesterday, Figuralityan indie game, changed its information and art on Steam to more closely resemble Helldivers II. This means that official art from the sequel was used, and It was even noted that Arrowhead Game Studio and PlayStation were the developers and publisher respectively.. The cherry on the cake was a 75% discount, with which they hoped that more than one person would not notice the plagiarism and lying, and thus earn a little additional money.

Fortunately, Arrowhead Game Studios realized this. First of all, He warned his community about this new scam, and also reported this case to Valvewho have eliminated Figurality of your digital store. This was what Johan Pilestedt, CEO of the team behind Helldivers IIwith respect:

“So, apparently there are “shop dupes” from @helldivers2 with images stolen from the game and impersonating us, with @ArrowheadGS tags and all! How is this possible @Steam?

For everyone who wants to put the game on Steam: check the user reviews beforehand to avoid being fooled.”

Unfortunately, this was not the only case, as another case of cheating was also reported, although this was removed by Valve before things got out of control. This is not something new, since something similar happened with Palworldand it lets us see that it is very easy to modify important information on Steam, so that some studio can change its name and images, and take advantage of the success of others. On related topics, you can now check out our review of Helldivers II here. Likewise, this is all that would come to the game in its first major update.

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Editor's Note:

It's a real shame that these types of cases become more and more popular as the success of a game grows. The important thing here is that Valve modify the way in which studios can change vital information on the Steam site, in order to prevent this type of event from happening again.

Via: VG247

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