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Game Pass will not come to Nintendo and PlayStation



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For years there has been speculation about the possibility of seeing Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo and PlayStation platforms. While this has been denied time and time again, there was always hope, both on the part of fans and Xbox, that this would happen in the future. However, at today's event, it was confirmed that Game Pass will only be available on Xbox when we talk about consoles.

As part of the announcements made today, Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, confirmed that Game Pass will not be available on Nintendo and PlayStation consoles, and when it comes to traditional platforms, only the Xbox Series X|S, and any other Microsoft hardware that arrives in the future, will be home to this subscription service. This is what he said about it:

“I think that in first party games, we can go back to some basic principles: first, all our games will be on the Xbox platform; Secondly, all of our games are coming to Game Pass on day one; And third, we know that Game Pass will only be available on Xbox.”

Although this could change in the future, for the moment it is more than clear that Xbox Game Pass can only be found in one place, at least when we talk about consoles, and that is the official Xbox hardware. This means that PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch users will not have access to this subscription service, at least for the moment.

However, this is probably not the decision managers want to make. After years without official information, today the number of Xbox Game Pass users was confirmed, and although the number is positive, It's not as big as many expected.. In this way, limiting the platforms on which this service can be available also means that growth will be less.

Considering that Xbox Series X|S sales are not as high as many would like, the number of new people who can subscribe to Game Pass is small, something that substantially affects the growth of this service. On related topics, this is the number of users on Game Pass. Likewise, the arrival of Diablo IV to this service.

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Editor's Note:

I would like to see Game Pass on other platforms. Although PlayStation Plus already offers something similar, the number of games, and the possibility of enjoying these titles day one is something that has not been replicated on other platforms. While I understand why this won't happen, I would still like to see this become a reality in the future.

Via: Xbox.

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