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German student skips school for 2 months using a fake email address



A student from Bavaria skipped school for two months. It only comes to light when the headmaster checks the doctor's certificates. The whole story could have bad consequences for the student.

One student didn't just want to go to school. She tricked the school and her mother and went unnoticed for almost two months without going to school. And this is thanks to a false email address and fake certificates. The fake certificates in particular are likely to cause problems for the student.

2 months “free from school” with fake certificates and fake emails

What exactly was the student doing?

  • The student creates a fake email address in the name of her teacher. She pretends to be a teacher and writes to her mother that the school will be closed.
  • The student then pretends to be her own mother in the school app. Here she writes that her daughter is sick.
  • She then always sends the school management a medical certificate from the doctor. This is supposed to prove her illness so that no one becomes suspicious.

How did things end? The principal became suspicious and called the student's doctor's office. At some point the headmaster noticed that the date on the certificate had been changed.

During the phone call it emerged that the student had falsified the certificates. She has actually never been sick. She just wasn't in school for two months. The whole thing was probably not noticed at first because the student had recently changed schools.

The whole action is likely to have repercussions for the student. Forging certificates is considered forgery and is a criminal offense: it is punished with either up to 5 years in prison or a fine.

Other people also use “nasty” tricks to get advantages. Someone used the chatbot ChatGPT to eat free at a fast food chain for a year. It is not known whether he was punished for this:

One user used ChatGPT to eat at McDonalds for free for almost a year – his trick was a simple request

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