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With the Dark Souls trilogy you can plunge into a dark adventure. Don’t miss out on this limited-time Amazon offer.

The trilogy is a series of action-packed role-playing games known for their challenging difficulty, deep lore, and atmospheric game world. Many references are often drawn to the legendary manga Berserk, as similar monsters appear in the world of Dark Souls. Take on the ultimate challenge and enjoy the well-deserved taste of victory when you defeat a difficult opponent on your own.

Get the Dark Souls Trilogy on Amazon

By the way, at Amazon you can buy the Collector’s Edition of Elden Ring if you are looking for another challenge.

Get the Dark Souls Trilogy on Amazon

That’s why the Dark Souls trilogy is so legendary

In all three parts you get a crisp combat system in real time, Your reactions are clearly crucial to victory. You only have limited stamina and cannot dodge infinitely. You also have to pay attention to your weight, which is important for all parts. If you are too heavy, you are of course an easy target.

You can also concentrate more on blocking with the shield, which is a good alternative to avoiding it.

What also distinguishes the trilogy is the variety of role-playing mechanics. You can choose between a variety of weapons, armor and skills and use everything these games have to offer.

The Dark Souls trilogy is magical and dark at the same time
The Dark Souls trilogy is magical and dark at the same time

At the time, the cryptic narrative style put me off. You have to pay close attention and can even influence some situations in this world depending on your decisions. The core, however, lies in the challenge. Even normal enemies are usually tough and don’t let you progress so easily.

Of course, each game has a few small differences. In the first part you can even strengthen the armor, which is an incredible advantage, and in the second part you cannot level up infinitely because the enemies in the areas disappear at some point. The third part is a bit faster and the combat system is a bit more like Bloodborne.

Get the Dark Souls Trilogy on Amazon

Face many dangers
Face many dangers

  • Tough challenges with responsive bosses and sophisticated combat system
  • Interesting variety of skills and gameplay elements
  • Cryptic and exciting background story

  • No detailed story with many decisions like in The Witcher 3
  • Not suitable for casual gamers

Get the Dark Souls Trilogy on Amazon

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