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Gohan gets a new transformation in Dragon Ball Super |




Even though he is no longer in the audiovisual world due to the hiatus he has been on Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super continues with its stories in manga format, and there have just been enough arcs that fans consider should finally be animated to reach a wider audience. In fact, we are in an entirely new narrative at this point, as the film's arc super hero ended with the defeat of the villain known as Cell Max.

It is worth mentioning that within this last arc two characters have completely taken center stage as in the past, we are talking about neither more nor less than Gohan and Piccolo, who obtain new forms that make them grow in power exponentially. The first is Orange Piccoloin which the Namekian obtains an unimaginable Ki, resulting in being next to two new rivals called Gamma 1 and Gamma 2who in the end become allies.

For its part, we have the new phase of Gohan nicknamed Beastwhich surpasses the powers of the super saiyan, showing that he can defeat titanic villains, even in the manga we could see that this caught the attention of Goku, to the point of making him teleport to see who had that enormous power. However, it is not known if Gohan know how to handle it or if it was just a one-time thing.

Here you can see it:

Here is a description of the character:

Throughout the series, Gohan goes through various stages of growth and development. Initially, he is presented as an innocent and shy boy, but as the story progresses, he proves to have great combat potential. Gohan has played a crucial role in several sagas, most notably the Cell Saga, where he reaches a significant level of power and becomes one of the key heroes in the battle against the main antagonist, Cell.

After the Cell Saga, Gohan remains an important character in the following Dragon Ball sagas. Throughout the series, he has had various transformations and has played prominent roles in defending Earth against various threats.

Remember that the manga Dragon Ball Super continues with its weekly broadcasts.

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Editor's note: Let's hope that this arc makes Gohan return to the spotlight, since during the beginning of Super he has stayed on the sidelines and even left aside opportunities to appear in epic fights. However, it seems like they are finally giving him redemption.

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