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Google cancels YouTube Premium subscriptions




It is well known that YouTube has been changing a lot over time, since currently they put ads every now and then for users who do not pay for their premium service, which has led to the use of ad blockers that at the same time have already been countered by Google. However, users found the alternative of paying for membership at a discount because they can change countries with the use of VPN, and the company found out about this, so they are already taking action on the matter.

The controversy began in redditaccording to the site TechCrunch, where users reported the cancellation of their Premium plans due to the use of VPN. These virtual private networks allow users to hide and change their IP address, making it appear that they are connecting from another region, which not only unblocks geographically restricted content, but can also reduce the cost of subscriptions as we already indicated a moment ago.

Youtube stated that it can detect when a user falsifies their country of registration. In these cases, the platform requires updating the billing information to match the correct region. According to the pages, a support agent from Google confirmed that cancellations have already begun for accounts identified with false location information.

The cancellations are recent and those users who do not comply with the rules will receive both an email and an in-app notification informing them of the suspension of their plans. However, in YouTube Mexico You haven’t detailed how users will be prompted to update their billing information, so that’s kind of a plus.

For users affected in this region by this action, it is essential to update billing information and ensure it matches your current region. Although this situation has generated discomfort, complying with the regulations of Youtube It is the only way to avoid cancellation of subscriptions Premium.

The campaign against using VPNs to get lower rates highlights the importance of accurate billing information. Users should pay attention to notifications and act quickly to keep their subscriptions active.

Via: Tech Crunch

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Author’s note: The truth is, I don’t pay the Premium because the ads don’t bother me much, only when listening to music if it gives me some interruptions in the middle of a song, we’ll have to see if I can get the discount later.

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