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Google celebrates the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake




It seems like a joke, but after a long time of waiting it has already gone on sale Final Fantasy VII Rebirtha game that returns us to the path it left remake It's been four years now, with improvements in terms of combat and also a story that feels different from the 1997 original. And to celebrate that this has been carried out, we have seen some commercials from the company Red Bull and now, a very curious reference in the most popular search engine on the internet, we talk about Google.

The subtle reference but one that people will like is related to the mascots of the franchise, the Chocobo, because by putting this word in the aforementioned search engine, it will clearly make photos of the character in question appear, as well as the typical Wikipedia information that describes giant chickens. However, for the special occasion, a button will appear at the bottom of the screen that, when clicked, will release a flock of birds in 16-bit mode that will run from left to right.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 141231

Here is a description of the Chocobo:

A chocobo is a fictional creature that appears in the Square Enix video game series, “Final Fantasy,” as well as other games related to this franchise. Chocobos are large, friendly birds that often serve as transportation in games, as well as can play other important roles in gameplay and plot.

Chocobos are known for their distinctive appearance, which combines elements of birds and reptiles, with bodies covered in brightly colored feathers and short but powerful legs. They are known for being fast and agile, making them a popular means of transportation in the fantasy worlds of “Final Fantasy” games.

Remember that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available in PS5.

Via: IGN

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Editor's note: It is very exciting that the game has finally been released on the market. I already have my copy at home, but I will have to wait a while to put hours and hours into them, especially during free time like the weekend, which already feels quite close.

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