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Google searches will have a big change



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For a few days now, Google has been trying to implement changes to its platform, starting with the fact that they want to eliminate many of the extensions that can be placed, especially those that are launched in order to block pop-up ads. And now, another fact has been established, as searches and more issues rooted in the CEO are about to change, having somewhat complicated consequences for web developers.

The millionaire printing company that also owns Youtubementioned that they have already finished the indexing of Mobile First. And that will cause the visibility to change completely, resulting in the pages that appear at the beginning of the search having a priority to leave a mobile version. That is, those that are originally PC programs will go to the bottom, and therefore, user views will be fewer, more so from people who make casual reviews.

With this in mind, developers will now have to create the mobile versions in a very similar way to the main one, so that they continue to have the usual views, even Google He has advised them to make a kind of adaptive design so that it is not so complicated to update. In turn, they must ask their programming engineers to make an identical copy in the other version, so that there is no type of impediment when browsing.

Within the company they are clear that there are more people in the world using cell phones instead of computers, so now they have become their priority, just as in the case of videos it also happened with shorts, which are shared more compared to traditional material. The only thing left now for the developers is to adapt or perish, the agreed date for the big change is next July 5th of this same year.

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Author’s note: I suppose that here at Atomix we will also have to adapt to the changes so as not to end up disappearing in the mobile world. At the end of the day, times are always changing, especially in terms of technology.

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