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Google will delete data from Chrome's incognito mode




For those who do not have it on the radar, in Google Chrome there is an option to browse called incognito, and that means that users can access pages safely, and that involves no data collection involved, but it seems that things don't work that way, since some searches are saved. As a result, users have become quite upset with the million-dollar company, and that will lead them to execute something that goes against their will.

It is not something that they took with the best disposition in the world, given that a class action lawsuit was filed in which the alleged victims ended up winning, and now the company will have to delete millions of searches that have been stored on the servers. And people fear that these will be used to be tracked, having easy access for people who find themselves in a hacker situation, exposing information that they do not want to be shown, since they are supposed to use this mode to avoid exposing themselves.

So in the next five years, the company will have to block third-party cookies by default in this mode. The filing says the requirement ensures additional privacy for Incognito users in the future, while also limiting the amount of data collected from them. There is no compensation for damages or losses, since the data that will be deleted is equivalent to just over five million dollars, so the scales are being balanced for the people of Google.

This lawsuit, which was launched in 2020, covers millions of users who used the mode since June 2016. And it has been applauded by lawyers as a historic deal.

Here is a fragment:

This agreement ensures real accountability and transparency from the world's largest data collector and marks an important step towards improving and defending our right to privacy online.

It is not yet known when they will begin to introduce these new modifications.

Via: Courtlistener

AA Pleca-Amazon-OK

Editor's note: These lawsuits against companies with specialized lawyers are not easy to win. So it should be applauded that they managed to force Google to delete all that data.

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