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Grand Theft Auto 6 release date leaked



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When it was revealed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will hit the market in 2025, many thought that the launch of this title is planned for the middle or end of next year. However, A new leak suggests that this delivery will be available during the first months of 2025.

Recently, the same person who leaked accurate information about the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, revealed that this game will be available between January and February 2025. Although this user does not share the specific date, Another leak ensures that Rockstar's new work has a planned release for February 18, 2025.

At the moment there is no official information from Rockstar, and it is very likely that the company will not share more details about it until the middle or end of this year. Although the possibility that Grand Theft Auto 6 is available during the first months of 2025, It is also possible that this delivery arrives at another point in the year.

In case that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be available next February 18, 2025, which is a Tuesday, this means that Rockstar would be ready to reveal more information about this installment starting in the summer of this year. For his part, Jason Schreier, Bloomberg journalist, It also ensures that this title will be available in the first months of next year.

We can only wait. For its part, Rockstar has noted that Grand Theft Auto 6 It will be available sometime in 2025. On related topics, GTA 6 sets new record on YouTube. Likewise, the source code of GTA V.

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Editor's Note:

The first months of 2025 is a period that in recent years has become key for many companies. Although I don't think GTA 6 is available in February, I wouldn't be surprised if this happens either. Considering the leak comes from a source that has proven right in the past, this is likely true.

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