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Grand Theft Auto 6 would not run at 60fps on the PS5 Pro | Atomix



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Much has been discussed in recent weeks about the potential of the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro. Thus, information has suggested that Grand Theft Auto 6 It could run at 60fps on the new Sony console. However, A new report by an expert has indicated that this will not be possible.

Recently, Rich Leadbetter, founder of Digital Foundry, mentioned that the PlayStation 5 Pro will not be able to run Grand Theft Auto 6 at 60fps, because all the leaked specifications have indicated that this improved console only has a 10% more powerful CPU compared to the current model. This is what he commented:

“All kinds of speculation that, 'Hey, this is going to be a great box for Grand Theft Auto 6, we'll be able to run it at 60 frames per second.' Unless Rockstar is doing some magical things on the CPU, I suggest it's not going to happen. An extra 10% on watches is really not going to do much.”

The PlayStation 5 Pro, according to rumors, Features a “CPU High Frequency Mode,” which pushes your CPU to 3.85 GHz, a 10% boost relative to the standard console, which is unlikely to have a major effect on frame rate performance.

While the console will most likely offer superior performance compared to the regular PS5, Don't expect a substantial increase that will change the way we play today.. On related topics, the PS5 Pro would work with the backwards compatibility of the PS6. Likewise, it seems that the technical specifications of this hardware are real.

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Editor's Note:

At the end of the day, it all depends on the developers. If Rockstar considers that GTA 6 is going to run fine at 30fps, then it's going to be at 30fps, and there's nothing wrong with that. The important thing is that performance is impeccable and that fun is the main factor.

Via: Insider Gaming

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