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Halo's second season debuts positively



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Although many have already forgotten, the second season of the series will premiere on February 8. Halo on Paramount+. In this way, today the reviews of this new production began to be published, and Everything seems to indicate that this is a sequel that substantially improves what was seen in the first part.

At the moment, the second season of Halo It has a rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, which presents a positive outlook for all fans. Most reviews point out that the action is a factor that has improved, and there is already a clear direction for the story. This is what Inverse commented on the matter:

“While the new season features much more action, some of it impressively directed, and an overall tighter focus on its central premise of humanity's survival, Halo still suffers from frustratingly inert and indecisive storytelling.”

For its part, Collider added:

“If you liked season 1, you will surely love the new episodes. If you haven’t tuned in yet, you won’t regret starting now.”

Similarly, Midwest Film Journal commented:

“I'm not saying the show is perfect. It's a solid B. Compared to the first season, it's a big improvement.”

Total Film, for its part, commented:

“For those giving Halo a second chance, there's a lot to like here.”

Although there are not many reviews at the moment, the opinions that are available at the moment present a positive outlook that all fans of the first season will be able to appreciate. We remind you that the second season of Halo will premiere on Paramount+ on February 8. On related topics, a Halo battle royale was planned at some point. Similarly, Halo Infinite abandon the seasons.

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Editor's Note:

I tried to watch the first season of Halo, but it just failed to captivate me. However, I know that there are quite interesting elements that fans will probably be able to appreciate, and everything seems to indicate that the second season improves in multiple areas.

Via: Rotten Tomatoes

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