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HandOfBlood distances itself from right-wing ideologues who find it sympathetic



In German Twitch people distance themselves. HandOfBlood has distanced itself from Shurjoka. A right-wing ideologue praised him for this. HandOfBlood has now distanced itself from this.

This is the basic conflict:

  • The German Twitch streamer HandOfBlood mentioned the ongoing conflict over streamer Shurjoka in a Spiegel interview on March 6th and said both sides were behaving destructively.
  • For this he was criticized by Shurjoka: She was disappointed that HandOfBlood would say something like that. The streamer then noticeably moved away from her.
  • HandOfBlood was praised by a right-wing ideologist for his statements. This is an Austrian who was involved in a scandal that made headlines across Germany: According to media reports, there was a meeting in Potsdam in November 2023 at which members of the AfD were present and where a “master plan for remigration” was discussed (via correctiv .org).

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Shurjoka confronts HandOfBlood with praise from the right

This is how it went on afterwards: Shurjoka, an Austrian herself, launched HandOfBlood on March 22nd Twitter He claimed that he had now been publicly praised by an Austrian right-wing extremist. He described him as likeable and said that HandOfBlood was simply 100% right in the “specific dispute”.

Shurjoka said: If the head of a right-wing extremist movement praises you for dealing with a woman against whom a hate campaign is underway, then HandOfBlood doesn't have to worry about being called a “HandOfWoke.”

The attack includes the accusation that her former supporter HandOfBlood, whom she looked up to, left her hanging because he wanted to break away from the woke image in order to now work with streamers like MontanaBlack on Twitch.

You have to see through it

This is how HandOfBlood reacted: On March 26th, the Twitch streamer HandOfBlood expressly distanced himself from this praise from the completely wrong corner. He did not mention the ideologue by name so as not to give him a platform.

He said that this was a typical pattern of right-wing behavior – also historical – that one had to understand.

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Right-wingers would use a dispute within a left-wing bubble for their own purposes:

Now there are some people on Twitter who are confused about whether I would be friends with this person. (…) It is of course very unpleasant when a right-wing extremist praises you. I would like to reply very clearly (…) Of course these are not my friends and I am not their new friend either.

HandOfBlood is one of the most successful and well-known German influencers. He made the switch from YouTube to live streams on Twitch a few months ago:

HandOfBlood reports what it was like to suddenly have to pay salaries as an influencer: “Since then, a lot has been a compromise”

In the article, we followed the example of HandOfBlood and did not mention the Austrian ideologue by name in order not to give him a platform.

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