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Helldivers 2: Over 120,000 players try to free a single planet



The meta game in Helldivers 2 is in full swing. After losing the last general order, the players now have a new goal to which they throw themselves with all their might.

Why are they trying to free the planet? After losing the battle for the last planet, Helldivers 2 players received new orders. The new general order, which promises players 45 medals, applies to the planet Veld.

When the order for Veld reaches the players, things are going very badly for the planet, as a Terminid outbreak threatens democracy. The players' task is now to free the Veld from the beetles.

There will soon be mechs in Helldivers 2, they were announced here in the trailer.

Helldivers 2 Report for Duty Trailer Shows New Mechs in the Game

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Humans have to do their best to conquer the planet

How is the battle for Veld going? At a rate of 7% per hour, the Terminids (the beetles) are conquering the planet. It quickly became clear to the people that action had to be taken here, otherwise democracy would be in danger.

A mobilization of players was organized via Discord and Reddit to stop the Terminids. Compared to the last general order, this would ultimately only be about a single planet. But to conquer the planet, around 300,000 players are needed, at least according to the community's projections.

Some time after up to 180,000 players were thrown at the Beetles according to the community, the Beetles' success seemed to wane. The community believes Game Master Joel has a hand in this and is excited about the chance to conquer the planet. However, it has not yet been possible to mobilize 300,000 players.

How does it look now? Currently, the conquest of the planet Veld appears to be progressing well. According to, people will be able to celebrate the success of the conquest tomorrow morning. There are currently around 122,000 players on Veld fighting for democracy (as of March 1st, 12:00 p.m.).

Of course, the pace can change as more players complete operations on the planet – or if Game Master Joel sends reinforcements to the bugs.

Meanwhile, things aren't looking so good on the other planets. Here people are losing on almost all fronts. The war is also raging on the other side of the universe. One player now thinks they have figured out what the robots' goal is.

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