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Here is the launch trailer for FFVII Rebirth



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The day has arrived. After four years of waiting, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth it's here. Right now, millions of PlayStation 5 users have the opportunity to buy the latest work from Square Enix. If you're a fan of digital gaming, then this experience is just a few seconds away from downloading, or is already installed on your console. On the other hand, there are those who are waiting for the Amazon delivery man to use the two discs on which this massive adventure comes. No matter what position you are in, Square Enix celebrates this event with the launch trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Through its official YouTube account, Square Enix has shared the launch trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Although this video is just under two minutes long, It has a lot of information, as well as a couple of moments that we had not seen in previous trailers, so you better avoid this video if you don't want to see a possible spoiler.

We remind you that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is only the second chapter in a trilogy focused on reimagining the classic PlayStation 1 JRPG. Although at the moment we do not know when the third part will be available, it is very likely that it will not be until the next generation when we finally get the chance to see the end of this interesting vision for the classic adventure of Cloud and company.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available on PlayStation 5, so you better have your weekend free to enjoy this title in its entirety. On related topics, here you can check out our review of this game. Likewise, this is how this installment debuted on Metacritic.

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Editor's Note:

I can't wait anymore. I'm currently waiting for an Amazon delivery person to knock on my door so I can pick up my copy of the game, and the launch trailer only raised my excitement for this title substantially. If it weren't for other commitments, I would spend the entire weekend playing non-stop Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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