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High-end motherboard from Asus with DDR5 memory type & ATX form factor is falling rapidly in price



Do you want to build a new system? Then do it right! Grab this high-end motherboard at Notebooksbilliger.

The ASUS ROG STRIX B760-F WIFI motherboard is a qualitative masterpiece. I personally use some components from Asus and have never been disappointed. With an ATX form factor and fast-paced DDR5 RAM technology, you're in the fast lane for high-end gaming and content creation. Now save 26% and only pays €219 instead of €299.

Find this high-end motherboard at Notebooksbilliger

Here Benedikt informs you about what you should consider when replacing your motherboard.

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There are 5 things you should always keep in mind if you want to replace the mainboard in your gaming PC

by Martin Vollert

A high-end motherboard with legendary features

You can install powerful 12th and 13th generation Intel processors on Socket 1700. These are extremely strong and now largely represent excellent value for money. I would give you that Intel Core i5-12400F processor recommend. Why? Inexpensive and still powerful enough to currently be used in 4K or WQHD gaming.

By using PCI Express 5.0 x16 Your graphics cards can work more efficiently with high performance and achieve faster data transfer rates. But also the possibility of 3x M.2. Slots are noticeable in order to install fast SSDs.

Get this motherboard from Notebooksbilliger
Get this motherboard from Notebooksbilliger

Thanks to the fast DDR5 RAM technology, you can install up to 128GB of memory, to be prepared for all kinds of applications or projects. DDR5 kits are now becoming cheaper. Which is why they are becoming more attractive in the gaming sector, although I have to note that with DDR4 you are still doing well when it comes to gaming.

The ATX form factor guarantees you easy installation in most PC cases and offers you enough space for expansion cards and components. This fabulous centerpiece also has built-in WiFi, which enables a wireless connection to the Internet and makes the gaming experience even more flexible. For example, you visit a friend and don't have to lay and connect another LAN cable.

Find this high-end motherboard at Notebooksbilliger

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