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Hobbyist shows his self-built suitcase PC for 1,400 euros, using an indestructible housing



A player has built a unique suitcase PC. The highlight of the project are the 3 screens, which are stored together with the mini gaming system in a hard case.

There are plenty of portable gaming systems in the form of notebooks or mobile game consoles. Individual inventors are now also trying out their own version of a handheld device.

A hobbyist has now gone one step further and built an individual suitcase PC. His portable “battle station” in a hard case consists of a mini PC to which three screens are connected.

Manufacturer shows stylish case, gamers are thrilled: “Great design! Goes straight to my wish list”

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Mini gaming PC with 3 screens in suitcase format

What kind of calculator is this? The user's WraithXt1 suitcase PC contains a mini PC that has enough power for gaming on low to medium details at resolutions from 720p to 1080p and thus initially offers more FPS than a gaming PC for 1,800 euros.

In a post on Reddit, the hobbyist shares several images of his project with the community. In addition to the final result, he also shows some photos during assembly and says:

I've wanted to do this for years, but last year was the first time I found a PC that was fast enough and monitors thin enough to make it work!

WraithXt1 on Reddit

What components are in it? The core is the Mini-PC EM780 from the manufacturer Minisforum for 730 euros. The selected model has an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor, an AMD Radeon 780M graphics unit and 32 GB of RAM. He doesn't provide any information about the SSD.

The system includes 3 screens, 2 of which are foldable. He is said to have paid the equivalent of around 90 euros per display. He doesn't give any details about the resolution. In order to be able to connect a mouse and keyboard to the mini PC in addition to the monitors, it uses 2 different USB hubs.

To power the PC on the go, WraithXt1 chose a CUKTECH 20 power bank. All of the components mentioned are put together in a NANUK 910 hard-shell case for around 70 euros. According to the manufacturer, the suitcase should be indestructible.

What problems did you encounter with the project? Since the suitcase PC was his first design, he encountered a few problems that needed to be solved when assembling it. He refrained from making any modifications directly to the mini PC.

In order to be able to charge the originally selected power bank, the connected PC had to be switched off beforehand. For this reason, WraithXt1 chose a model in which the mini-computer can remain switched on.

Mounting the monitors seemed to be a challenge. According to him, it required several revisions. He said: “The monitor mounts were the worst.” A YouTuber, for example, doesn’t have such problems with his portable PS5 in tablet format.

The inner workings of the suitcase PC (source:

How long can you play with it on mobile? According to him, the performance of the power bank is enough to run the system for over two hours with maximum CPU and GPU utilization and all three monitors at maximum brightness. When surfing the Internet, it lasts for 4 to 6 hours.

The hobbyist wants to design a second version of his suitcase PC with a longer mobile runtime. To do this, he wants to better arrange the components inside so that he can install a second power bank.

Luckily, the hobbyist decided on a power bank to power his suitcase PC on the go. If he had relied on a streamer's battery, it would probably have caused a huge mess in his suitcase: Twitch streamer shows a crazy experiment, building a functioning battery out of a portion of chili

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