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Homelander was going to have a much more violent scene




Recently, the star series of Amazon Prime Video, The Boys, has begun with the fourth season of episodes that see the return of characters that have already become iconic for many users throughout the world, which is why it has had an unprecedented audience. And the fourth episode broadcast has not avoided having the surprise of the audience, since it adds a fairly violent scene that involves one of the heroes who totally takes the show on their backs, homelander.

As mentioned by its creator, Eric Kripke, that scene was going to be even worse than what users saw, with somewhat bloodier touches and with parts in which something very explicit could be included in terms of detached body parts and so on. However, there is something that put a stop to the idea, and that was the actor who plays the superhero. Anthony Starrwho suggested lowering the level so that users would not feel stressed by what was happening on the screen.

Spoilers ahead!

In episode four of the new season, we can see homelander paying a visit to secret laboratory Vought, place in which he was treated as an experiment and trained to be a being dedicated to saving everyone, only with the detail that he did not forge humanity along the way. And as a consequence, we see him destroy the place, and above all harm the scientists who treated him badly in the past, this with his incredible powers such as laser gaze and super strength.

For many this has broken the limit of violence, but precisely the creator of the series mentioned that initially there would be more dismemberments and cruel situations in which the character has no mercy within this laboratory. And it was there that he heard the actor’s voice, which suggested that he also explore the human side of homelandermaking him carry out all those cruel actions with the remorse that entails, and it shows in the scene.

Remember that you can see The Boys in Amazon Prime Video. You can follow this link to subscribe for 30 days free.

Via: Entertainment Weekly

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Author’s note: I have never seen this series, but from what I have read it will be worth checking out, the best thing is that I have three seasons to watch and not miss anything at all.

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