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Hopefully they don't shut down Blue Protocol before it comes to Europe



2024 is starting off hard for fans of MMORPGs. The MMORPG Blue Protocol (PC) was released in Japan in June 2023, and Amazon plans to bring it to Europe in 2024. But as we now learn, the game probably isn't doing as well as hoped in Japan.

This is the status:

  • Blue Protocol is an anime MMORPG from Bandai Namco that relies on story and PvE. It won't bring any PvP. Many fans of Genshin Impact, but also friends of anime and MMORPGs, are watching the game and have been looking forward to it since 2019.
  • We in the West have only seen brightly colored trailers that look like a lot of action.
  • The game was released in Japan in summer 2023. Amazon wants to bring it to us in 2024, initially only the PC is planned as a platform.

Everything about the release and gameplay of the MMORPG.

Blue Protocol: Dungeon gameplay

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Blue Protocol likely disappoints in Japan

This is the new news now: Bandai Namco had its earnings call, and as a reporter from Bloomberg reported, it said earnings were generally disappointing, particularly due to a game that fell short of expectations.

The reporter estimates that it is probably Blue Protocol. Tekken 8, on the other hand, is running better than expected.

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Does this really mean Blue Protocol? Yes, the site Siliconera states: Bandai Namco said Dragon Ball and One Piece titles are performing steadily in Japan and abroad, but new “online gaming titles” have fallen far short of expectations.

Blue Protocol is the only online game that Bandai Namco released in the last fiscal year.

Players demand: Games should appear worldwide at the same time

This is the discussion: This is bad news for MMORPG fans. One says:

“Hopefully they don’t close the game. Seriously. It's the game I'm most waiting for in the West. You just need to get the amount of content in order.”

On Reddit, a user complains: They should have learned from Monster Hunter World. Games should be released worldwide at the same time and not in one region months or years in advance.

Others are disappointed: Blue Protocol looked so good in trailers.

Someone added: The game just didn't look great, it played great too, but you'll get banned if you play it from abroad.

Yet another said: He fell in love with Blue Protocol 4 years ago, but every time he looked, the MMORPG was even further away. Now, with the news, he thought about Blue Protocol again for the first time in 7 or 8 months.

It's hard to say what's going on if you haven't really seen the game yet and you're in the honeymoon-we-only-know-the-trailer phase. In any case, 2024 is starting with some setbacks for MMORPG fans: Throne and Liberty is in crisis in South Korea – developers are hoping to be rescued through a global release

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