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Hotly anticipated survival game offers one of the best demos at Steam Next Fest, with daily active players



Next Fest is currently running on Steam, where you can discover a ton of new games and download demos. However, a survival game demo seems to be leading the pack.

What game is this about? Once Human is a new survival game from developer Starry Studio, which is scheduled to be released on Steam on July 9, 2024. Especially after the survival flop of The Day Before, Once Human quickly attracted attention among genre fans and became a hope for many players at the time.

  • Once Human is a survival sandbox game.
  • You and your fellow players try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world in which an alien substance called Stardust turns living beings into monsters and gives them supernatural powers.
  • There will be PvE battles and PvP battles against other groups.

The survival game Once Human will be released on Steam in July

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How well is the demo received? Even before the Steam Next Fest, Once Human made it into the charts of the most requested games on Steam. The survival game has now even reached seventh place. It was to be expected that many players would at least try out the current demo once.


However, after just the first two days of Steam Next Fest, it can be said that Once Human is definitely one of the top games presented.

Once Human takes first place in all categories

Looking at the three categories of the game preview page, trending upcoming games, most requested upcoming games, and daily active demo players, Once Human is currently at number 1 on the list. This makes it seem like not only one of the demos that players are most curious about, but also the demo that players want to keep coming back to.


Why is it worth playing the demo? It’s worth taking a look, and not just because the free demo on Steam is so popular. Especially if you’re thinking about getting the game in July, you can now get an impression of what the world of Once Human feels like.

In the demo version, you can already play with the other active players and form an opinion about the multiplayer aspect of the game. Since, according to Steam, players are active every day, you should be able to meet other players at any time. Another survival hit from Steam has now made it to the Playstation 5: The survival game V Rising is available on PS5 from today, after it was launched as an insider tip on Steam 2 years ago.

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