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It’s no secret that cyber attacks are quite common, especially those targeting the largest companies in the industry. Thus, Microsoft has revealed a series of changes that they plan to implement in their email addresses.

To combat security breaches, Microsoft has revealed that starting September 16, 2024, all users with Live, Hotmail, and Outlook emails will have to add an additional protection method. Simply using your email and password will no longer be enough, and you will need to add a mobile number, an alternate email address, or a security token. This is what was said about it:

“While basic authentication was the standard for quite some time, it also made it easier for criminals to capture a person’s login information. “This increased the risk that those stolen credentials would be reused to gain access to a person’s email or personal data.”

All of this will come into effect from September 16, 2024. and, as Microsoft has pointed out, this is a way to prevent a security breach, and keep information safe. In related topics, Microsoft and Google lay off hundreds of employees. Likewise, Microsoft begins to give refunds for redfall.

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Author’s Note:

This may sound tedious to more than one person, but it is something that must be done to avoid any security breach and maintain the information of all users in a way that does not affect them in the long term.

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