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How well do you know the map in LoL? A mini-game tests your knowledge



There is now a GeoGuessr version of League of Legends. This mini-game lets you put your knowledge to the test. Are you a real veteran?

League of Legends (LoL) is one of those games that players can lose themselves in for years. A new mini-game inspired by GeoGuessr will now test your knowledge of the classic LoL map (Summoner’s Rift).

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LoL Guessr – What is it?

What awaits you in the mini-game? LoL Guessr is a mini-game from LoL DodgeGame, which is based on the popular GeoGuessr. While GeoGuessr asks players to identify places on the world map, LoL Guessr shows you small sections of the map Summoner’s Rift and asks you to locate them exactly.

So you see a small section of the map and then have to determine the exact location on the overview map of Summoner’s Rift, which is not that easy. To successfully complete the game, you have to know the map almost inside out.

So you need a good eye for details. This includes the individual bushes, stones, creatures, other small details and the terrain itself – virtually every corner of the map.

This is how the community reacts to the mini-game

How do the players react? Many in the community have already put their knowledge to the test and are excited about the GeoGuessr in LoL. Here are some of the comments summarized:

  • waffle-spouse on reddit: I feel like Rainbolt now. Trevor Rainbolt is an American YouTuber known for his impressive GeoGuessr skills.
  • Another writes on reddit: Oh, I know that bush. Where my team always intet
  • liokale emphasizes on reddit: It’s a lot of fun and harder than I thought
  • Shpaan on reddit: I just completely failed ten times in a row. I swear every top lane is somehow a bot lane.

In the LoL Guessr you can achieve your own high score. You get a point if your guess is close to the actual location of the map. If your guess is far off, then the round is over. You then have to start again from the beginning to build up your high score. Have you already tried the LoL Guessr and what do you think of the mini-game? Feel free to write us in the comments. Did you know? One of the greatest fantasy authors in the world is joining LoL – sponsoring a team

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