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If a fan theory is true, then we already know what Joy Boy was



One of the biggest mysteries in the world of One Piece is Joy Boy. Who was he and what did he do in his time? There is no answer to this question in either the manga or the anime. However, a user on X has a theory according to which we already know which people Joy Boy came from.

Warning spoilers: The following article may contain spoilers for the anime and manga of One Piece. If you absolutely do not want to be spoiled, you should be up to date with the manga.


What do we know about Joy Boy? Joy Boy is an important historical figure in One Piece, but not much is known about him. According to the One Piece Wiki, the name was first mentioned on the Poreglyph on Fishman Island. He is said to have been born 900 years ago and, according to legend, will return 800 years after the lost century.

When Luffy activates Gear 5 for the first time, Zunesha implies that Luffy is Joy Boy. According to a theory on X, Joy Boy’s race was already shown by Oda.


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Who was JoyBoy? As the X-user @Jabulkheir believes, Eiichiro Oda has long since revealed what Joy Boy was: a giant like Oz. Oz is a giant zombie that Gecko Moria revives with Luffy’s shadow to strengthen his troops.

As is typical for One Piece theories, fans see clues in possible numbers. For example, Luffy’s fruit is called Gomu Gomu no Mi. Gomu can also be interpreted as 56. If you then calculate 5x6x5x6, you get 900.


Oz was Gecko Moria’s Zombie 900. Joy Boy lived 900 years ago and is said to have also had the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which fits with Oz’s abilities and behavior.

In the Twitter thread, the parallels are explained with manga panels:


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Another connection between Oz and Joy Boy is said to be his descendant Oz Junior, who was given a straw hat by Ace, Roger’s son. The straw hat is also considered an important symbol for Joy Boy and the mysteries of the world; just look at the huge hat on Imu.

The theory has gaps

How valid is the theory? It is not possible that Oz has any connection to Joy Boy, as Oz lived 400 years after Joy Boy. His behavior and parallels can also be explained by Luffy’s shadow, as Ryuma also behaved like Brook and the two had no connection to each other. Symbols such as numbers or patterns are often a recurring theme rather than an active connection.


It is possible that Joy Boy was a giant, especially since giants are now playing an important role in One Piece again. However, many fans suspect that Joy Boy was a buccaneer, i.e. from the same race as Kuma.

Even though such theories have a lot to do with imagination, they are entertaining. What do you think of such theories, do you like reading them or do you think they are total nonsense? Write it to us in the comments. Many pirate crews in One Piece know more than you initially think: One Piece: A group of pirates already knew what was threatening the world, they just laughed

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