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If the numbers are right, you're guaranteed to get the legendary ax in WoW starting tomorrow – but only if you've been diligent



In the latest raid Amirdrassil there is a new weapon in World of Warcraft for two-handed classes that rely on strength: Fyr'alath, the dream tearer. This is pretty rare and reserved for players who are very lucky or raid regularly. But that could change from March 6th.

What kind of ax is that?

Why am I guaranteed to get it? Together with Fyr'alath, “Bad Luck Protection” came into play. This is a system designed to prevent you from never getting a coveted item, no matter how hard you try.

The feature ensures that your chance of getting Fyr'alath increases every week if the ax doesn't drop. However, the game doesn't reveal exactly how much this chance increases each time.

The data miners at wowhead claim to have found data that relates to this “bad luck protection” and provides concrete values. According to them, you would be guaranteed to get Fyr'alath if you:

  • Fyrakk kills 7 times on mythic
  • or 15 times in heroic mode

Since you can only lay the boss every week, you need 15 weeks in heroic mode for a guaranteed drop. The 100% mark would therefore be reached on Wednesday, March 6th. From then on, if the numbers are right, you should be guaranteed to get Fyr'alath if you heroically kill Fyrakk every week.

More about the current patch 10.2.5:

WoW: Patch 10.2.5 – Release trailer for the seeds of renewal

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Just looting the ax isn't enough, you still need gold and help afterwards

However, you don't have to kill the final boss in heroic mode to get the axe. Fyr'alath also drops on normal difficulty and in LFR, but with a significantly lower probability.

However, once you have looted the ax, you have to take care of making it legendary and, above all, portable. Otherwise the power of the weapon will simply overwhelm you.

To wear Fyr'alath, you need to invest around 1 million gold and complete several steps. You need materials from the open world, from furriers/leatherers, inscriptionists and alchemists. Depending on how well you get along with your guild or other players, you can save more or less here.

Note that the numbers are based on data mining and guesswork. We cannot say with certainty whether Fyr'alath is actually guaranteed from tomorrow. And even if they aren't right or you haven't been diligent enough in the last 15 weeks, farming is worth it. Because the Legendary now drops up to 12 times per raid.

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