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If you had invested a hundred dollars in Nvidia shares during Corona, you could buy the fastest GPU on the market today



Nvidia has pushed Microsoft and Apple out of the top spot. Behind this is a unique rise on the stock market – and you could be rich today.

What should I have done? Of course, we don’t give any investment tips here on MeinMMO – especially not those aimed at the past. But in the case of the manufacturer of the most popular gaming GPUs, it is interesting to indulge in the following thought experiment:

If you had taken 100 euros in spring 2020, just as the pandemic began, and used it to buy Nvidia shares while still in lockdown, you could use it to buy the fastest GPU on the market today. Because in the past few years, the value of your portfolio would have multiplied.

Nvidia’s share price from around 2020 to today. Source:, June 19

Where was the share price at that time? In March 2020, a share changed hands on the stock exchange for around six euros; today you have to pay more than 130 to hold a share of Nvidia in your hands (via Nvidia is now even the most valuable company in the world, as the Tagesschau also reports. They are each worth around a hundred billion more than Microsoft and Apple.

The trio are in a class of their own, as they are the only ones to have managed to break the three trillion dollar mark. A trillion is a 1 followed by twelve zeros, 1,000,000,000,000.

Meteoric rise thanks to AI

How did Nvidia do this? In one word: AI. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and everything related to it has been booming for around two years. This has caused Nvidia to break out of its core business of gaming GPUs and now plays a role in almost every industry. Its chips are the brains of thousands of server farms that develop AIs and help them learn.

Deep Dive is also particularly exciting with regard to AI, because machine learning has become indispensable for efficient graphics rendering. Keyword: AI upscaling.

The “Deep Dive” is supposed to let us delve deeper into MMORPGs than ever before – What is that actually?

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Well, things will soon go downhill again, right? We don’t know, but we can say one thing: According to a Bloomberg analysis, Nvidia has had the best share price performance of the past 25 years since its IPO in 1999.

Even in 2015, you could have bought a share for around 0.50 cents. And if you had bought in 1999, every dollar you invested back then would have turned into more than $5,900.

Do I also have AI in my computer? Yes and no, you may have installed the technology on your Nvidia GPU that, in a modified form, forms the basis for much of today’s AI computing: Tensor cores. They power Nvidia upscaling called DLSS and can be found on every Nvidia graphics card since the RTX 2000 series.

If you want to read more about machine learning/AI and find out how Nvidia fares against the competition in recent tests, you can find an explanatory text here at MeinMMO, according to which future features such as DLSS are no longer a foreign value.

One of the technological offspring of the boom, in which Nvidia is the market leader and pioneer in hardware, are chatbots and AIs. One of these digital fellows is currently standing at election stands in order to enter parliament – symbolically speaking. In this article we tell you about Steve Endacott and AI Steve, who together want to revolutionize democracy.

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