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If you miss American Pie, you should watch a film on Amazon about a women’s fight club in high school



The 2000s had some comedies that were vulgar, silly and downright crude, but they hit the target audience precisely. MeinMMO editor Nikolas Hernes saw a film on Amazon Prime that hits exactly the same note, but is much more modern.

What movie is it about? The film Bottoms was released in 2023 and is a comedy that satirically deals with well-known high school tropes. The two lesbian students PJ and Josie, who play classic Losers are the main characters of the film. Due to absurd incidents, the two start a self-defense course, which is more like a fight club, in order to get closer to the cheerleaders.


Bottoms is, as you might expect from the premise, not a delicate or elegant film. The film is silly and extremely vulgar. The well-known high school tropes are ridiculed to such an extent that I thought the film was an 18+ version of a film like High School Musical.

You can get a first look at the film here:


Bottoms – Trailer for the modern high school comedy from 2023


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Disney Channel for adults

Bottoms is a satire about high school clichés. The world in Bottoms is absolutely exaggerated. The many students seem like blueprints from the cliché box and the football players and the holy quarterback in particular are an absurd highlight. The school’s star player is worshipped almost like a god and he sits in the cafeteria like Jesus with his disciples.

The clichés are the perfect contrast to the two protagonists, who are the classic losers, but who, when watching, are the only Normal The silly situations go so far that I sometimes remember something like Scary Movie I remembered.


Also the Fight Club is pure fun, because instead of real Learning self-defense will simply punched in the face. You shouldn’t expect intelligent jokes here, but the film never acts as if you should expect such things.

The many Disney Channel clichés are also taken to the extreme at the end, when the opposing high school wants revenge on the players and it goes beyond insults.


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Quarterback Jeff is worshipped like Jesus

Despite the black humor, there are important themes

Bottoms but also discusses socially relevant topicsThe two protagonists alone are a great contrast to other female roles in such films. They play the pubescent Loserswhich are usually played by men.

Topics such as sexual harassment, homophobia and feminism are also addressed. This is never done subtly, but fits perfectly with the vulgar nature of the film.


When the students talk about their problems and the teacher interrupts them with: Guys, I’m getting a divorce or Men also need therapyThe film therefore shows in a comedic way how women’s problems are often attributed to men or directly interrupted.

Unlike in other films, however, this seems Bottoms organic. Bottoms never tries to pull on the heartstrings or make the mood more serious and I really liked that. Nothing seems out of place.


I had a lot of fun with Bottoms. This is due to the fights, but also to the social issues. But you shouldn’t expect a great deal of development here. The comedy aspects will not appeal to everyone either. But if you American Pie and want to see a more modern version of something like that, you will have fun with Bottoms If you want to make fun of Generation Y, you should take a look here: The new film “Old Dads” on Netflix is ​​ideal for everyone who hates 30-year-olds

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