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If you only want to try one new weapon in the Elden Ring DLC, then this one



The Elden Ring DLC ​​brings numerous new weapons into the game. But one in particular stands out. With it, you can beat up your opponents in every way possible and look like a martial arts fighter.

Which weapon is it? When FromSoftware announced eight new weapon categories for the DLC Shadow of the Erdtree, there was great excitement. What new additions would there be? In the first trailers for the expansion, in addition to the obligatory swords, spears and staffs, a fighting style was also shown that reminded many players of Bruce Lee-style kung fu films.

In the recently released DLC, you can find this weapon called “Dry Leaf Art” and use it to beat up tough enemies. In addition to punches, you can also kick and literally whirl through the air – yourself and your enemies.

In practice, this fighting style is a lot of fun and lets you whizz from enemy to enemy like a whirlwind. Also because it is unusual for Elden Ring. FromSoftware manages to loosen up the established fighting styles of their games and bring a breath of fresh air.

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You must defeat a master

How do you get the weapon? Dryleaf art cannot simply be found in the world of the DLC. You have to earn it.

At the mercy “Cross on the High Road”, just after Castle Ensis in the Scadu Altus area, you will find the emote “May the best win”. Collect it and head east to the mercy “Ruins of Moorth”.

The NPC Dryleaf Dane is waiting for you there. He has nothing to tell you. Instead, use the gesture you just received, after which you will be thrown into an arena where you have to fight Dane.

The NPC can’t take much damage, so he can’t be compared to the big and difficult boss enemies in the expansion. After your victory, you return to Mercy and find a drop from Dane. Namely his hat and the weapon you’re looking for, Dryleaf Art.

Equip it, upgrade it, give it a war ash, and the merry punching and kicking can begin. Your opponents won’t survive the day without a black eye.

Unfortunately, the weapon does have one disadvantage. Its range is not particularly great, and when fighting against towering boss enemies that also move quickly, you may end up hitting nothing. With smaller enemies, this is hardly a problem. They end up in the afterlife and will tell their colleagues there about the cool guy with the hard kicks. Unless you die yourself – head developer Miyazaki has now explained why his game has to be so difficult.

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