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“I’m the one who can sleep in in the morning”



Twitch streamer JenNyan recently sparked a heated discussion about influencer privilege and perceptions through an Instagram clip. Her candid words drew both support and criticism.

Who is the streamer? JenNyan is a personality in the German Twitch scene. With an average viewership of 1,500 to 2,500 per stream, she is one of the most famous streamers in Germany (via SullyGnome).


Her content is a mix of roleplaying in games like Rust and GTA 5 Online and open discussions about more serious topics. She is especially appreciated for her openness and authenticity when talking about her mental health or the challenges women face in gaming.

Before JenNyan celebrated her big breakthrough on Twitch, she worked as a teacher and earned some extra money doing erotic cosplays on OnlyFans. However, she hasn’t pursued this path for a long time and is now concentrating fully on her career as a streamer and influencer.


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JenNyan recently posted a clip on Instagram that caused a stir in her community and sparked intense discussions in the comments section. In this clip, she speaks openly about the resentment many people feel towards influencers.


“But there’s nothing I can do about it except take it.”

What kind of clip is this? In the clip, JenNyan explains why she understands the anger many people have towards influencers. She says: “I’m the one who can sleep in in the morning, who can organize my work myself.” She admits that she earns more money than someone in elderly care, while at the same time having to put in less physical and emotional effort.

How does she react to the resentment? JenNyan also discusses how she personally deals with the criticism and anger that she and other influencers often face. She says that she has stopped reacting angrily or defiantly to these negative reactions. Instead, she takes the criticism in stride and tries to accept it as a part of her life.


The streamer openly admits: “But there’s nothing I can do about it, except to take it.” She adds that she can’t constantly justify it: “I can’t spend my whole life now, working as a content creator, apologizing for being a content creator.”

Comments are divided

What comments were written about it? JenNyan’s comments sparked a variety of comments and reactions:

  • schulzffw writes: “What many people forget when they criticize streamers or CCs is that it’s not the streamers who earn too much or should earn less, but that educators, nursing staff, etc. should earn more!”
  • kuchenplatte.official writes: “I am a nurse myself. I chose this path myself. I don’t want to be an influencer or a full-time streamer. I think for many it’s jealousy. That’s my opinion, no one has to share it.”
  • hajo_donovan_benvenuto15122019 writes: “Nobody is saying that ‘you influencers’ have to apologize, nobody has anything against your ‘work’ either, it’s just more than sad that you earn more with streaming than with REAL WORK, that’s what it’s about.”
  • christian_zelda35 writes: “But a geriatric nurse does a more important job than you. Even if it may sound harsh.”
  • uwegriebsch writes: “I don’t understand people who think they have to condemn every influencer for their activities. That’s too much for me. They can do that to those who really just spout nonsense and do one questionable action after another, but that doesn’t apply to you.”
  • flo_warpedpath writes: “With my 40-hour office job in quality assurance, I have a much less physically demanding job than someone in nursing, it’s also less mentally stressful, and probably better paid too, oh yes, I also have air conditioning… what a bad person I am!”

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