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Important scene from Harry Potter 6 was removed




In the world of cinema, difficult decisions are sometimes made with the aim of ensuring that certain material remains in its final phase within a certain established time. We have seen this with filming that has had to be cut for acceptable commercial purposes. Therefore, there are additional scenes that are added in extended versions, as well as in additional material within the DVD and Blu Ray extras, and with the saga Harry Potter There is footage that is not understood why it was removed.

The sixth film in the franchise was a bit scattered at the time, due to comments from fans about details that were missing in this installment, especially for having more of the story of Voldemort, and here there was only a small flashback in relation to his secret weapon, the Horcruxes, where we see him ask if he can create seven in total. Although we also needed to see a little more Draco Malfoy and his desperation at feeling forced to end the life of Dumbledore.

That's just the footage they removed, a scene in which we see the wizard of Slytherin and Snape preparing to return to the astronomy tower, seeing in both their faces that they have no intention of committing what will happen next, before the Hogwarts headmaster and Harry return from the failed locket mission. For its part, Ron and Hermione They look at the sky, which darkens out of nowhere to announce the arrival of several Death Eaters at the school.

After it was made known to fans of the franchise, many have regretted that they could not include it, after all its duration was approximately one minute, adding comments about how melancholic this scene was, announcing the farewell of the most magician. intelligent of the work. For its part, it would be showing that Snape It is not intended to end his life, but at the same time for those who have not read the books it could be a kind of spoiler.

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Editor's note: The scene was only one minute long, and it would have been perfect to see this dark point of view in which there is little calm before the darkness. Likewise, people would have empathized more with Dumbledore's death. Anyway, it is possible that this will be corrected with the series that will serve as a remake.

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