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In a new action RPG for PS5 you drink the blood of dragons to become stronger, offers co-op and 4 classes



Dragonkin: The Banished is a new action RPG that will be released on the PS5 and Steam, among others. The game offers you a co-op mode and four possible classes that you can choose from.

What game is this about? Dragonkin: The Banished is a new action RPG scheduled for release in February 2025 on PS5, Xbox and Steam. You can play this game from an isometric perspective solo, but also online with up to four players.

In Dragonkin you hunt and fight nasty monsters that now roam the world thanks to powerful dragons. You take on the role of four heroes, choose from one of four classes and pursue the main goal of finding and destroying the most powerful and oldest dragons.

The announcement trailer gives you a first impression of the atmosphere and gameplay that awaits you in Dragonkin:

In Dragonkin: The Banished you hunt for the most powerful dragons

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What classes are there in Dragonkin? In Dragonkin you can choose between four different classes. By drinking dragon blood, the heroes of this world developed their individual skills, powers and fighting techniques.

  • The Barbarian: The barbarian is the leader of those who live in the northern part of the country. Since his element is ice, the barbarian can not only hit like a real muscle man, but also freeze his opponents. He deals massive melee damage with his ax and hammer. The more damage you take as a barbarian, the more powerful your attacks become.
  • The witch: The witch dreams of a world where humans and dragons can live together. The Dragonborn gives her powers related to the elements of water and electricity. With the witch, you tend to focus on ranged combat and keep your distance to charge your spells and cause damage from a distance.
  • The warrior: Since childhood, the warrior has been taught and trained by the best warriors. He fights with the element of fire. With it you can assert yourself in both close combat and long-range combat. With his spear, which can also shoot flames, he is suitable for both play styles.
  • The Archer: In combat, the archer uses his skills to attack with the element of poison. If an arrow doesn't kill its victim outright, the poison should do the rest of the work and soon bring down your opponents. Of course, the archer is particularly suitable for long-range combat. With an area of ​​poison you also make yourself relatively untouchable.

Depending on your loot, your character build and your own preferences, you can adjust your powers and attacks. When you level up, you have to decide for yourself how you combine your options to create the best hero for you. The game also promises you that you can regularly adapt your character to new opponents.

What awaits you in the world of Dragonkin? In Dragonkin, different biomes await you, each with their own regions, monsters and special resources. Among other things, you cross tundra, swamps and volcanoes.

On your way you will learn the history of the world and face everything that poses a possible threat.

Your own city grows and changes depending on your decisions and discoveries. You decide roughly which area of ​​development should focus on, expand your buildings or find new residents. In co-op mode, your fellow players can also contribute to building your city in this way.

In addition, you can experience the entire game and the entire story in co-op mode. In local co-op you can play with two players, online you can play with up to four players.

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