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In EA FC 24 it's worth training your power shot



In FC 24, the power shot is currently in focus again, as you can use it to get a strong player. But that's not the only reason you should have the power shot in your repertoire. We'll show you how to use it.

What is the power shot? The relatively new finale celebrated its premiere in FIFA 23. As the name suggests, the power shot is the hardest and fastest ball that you can hit on goal in the game.

What is significant is the long preparation before the ball leaves your foot. If you charge the power shot, the camera zooms in on your player and shows the slow swing movement up to the complete execution.

But in addition to this limitation, the power shot can be a powerful weapon for your game. If you haven't paid much attention to it, now would be the perfect time to practice.

EA FC 24 Van Persie Power Shot In-Game

The power shot in FC 24: key combination for execution

How do you do the power shot? The power shot is easy to implement in the game. To execute, hold L1 and R1 on PlayStation or LB and RB on Xbox while charging a shot. The longer you hold down the shot button, the sharper and higher the ball will fly towards the goal.

However, you shouldn't overcharge it, otherwise your power shot will end up in the stands.

What makes the Power Shot more complicated than the other shots is the manual aiming. So while charging, you have to aim the left analog stick exactly in the direction in which you want your ball to fly. A steady hand and some practice are required here. The joy of scoring your first goals, when the ball flies into the net at over 100 km/h, will be worth your efforts.

With the power shot you can shoot a legend

Why is training with the power shot worth it? In the objectives you will find Robin van Persie, one of many new event players who appeared as part of the new Golazo event.

The Dutchman was famous for his often spectacular goals, which he often scored with a hard-hitting shot. Therefore, one task you have to complete for Golazo-van-Persie is to score 4 goals with a power shot. Once you have completed these and all other tasks, the junior version of van Persie is yours.

This would give you an additional incentive to practice the power shot. In another article we introduced you to the other shot variants in EA FC 24 in detail: clipped shot, flair shot and co. – These shots guarantee many goals

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